Network Radar is an easy to use network discovering and managing tool that will allow you to retrieve detailed information on network devices.




It has more features than any other network scanner in the Mac App Store and many more are in development. Here are just a few of them:


Scan your network and retrieve detailed information on network devices
Use the Monitoring feature to get notified when the reachability of a device changes (by mail, by OS X notification or by sound)
Host Info
Retrieve detailed host information such as IP and MAC addess, vendor name, DNS name, mDNS name, NetBIOS name, services (open ports) ,response time, or the Mac model identifier. You can even lookup Macs directly in Mactracker or
Network Tools
Easily execute useful network tools, such as Ping, Portscan, SSH, Wake On LAN, Whois or Remote shutdown/restart/sleep of other Macs
Use the simple rules and actions system for automatic processing of hosts. I.e. send a mail as soon as a specific server is down, or set a icon as soon as a host with a specific name comes up.
With it's intuitive user interface Network Radar is easy to use. It is a multi-threaded 64 bit  cocoa application designed for OS X with a low surcharge on your network.

Customor Reviews

It immediately found all the devices immediately and gave me more than enough info to identify them. Sits quietly in the menu bar. Love it!
- GreenDave (Mac App Store)
I am an IT manager that oversees multiple locations/branches and hundreds of computers both Mac and PC. This has been a great tool for managing my networks.
- Francola (Mac App Store)
Why haven't I found this before ? Works great at home and also in the university (huge network). Was very helpful in finding a specific server with a open port.
- James L. (
Great application by the way. Fast, easy and love the icon selection with the fact that you can add to that database of images.
- Peter K. (Email)