Hi, my name is Daniel.

I am the founder of Witt Software, a one-man software company based in northern Germany.

My motivation is simple, I create software that I'd like to use by myself. I like simple code and simple interfaces and I think details matter. Before writing a line of code or adding a new button, I think twice whether or not that is really necessary. Even a simple app can change a person's day and knowing that my software is helpful to many people around the world spurs me on and makes me proud.

As the Mac is my platform of choice most of my work goes into crafting macOS and iOS apps. I love coding with Xcode, and most of my products have been created with Objective-C. Recently I have also been fallen in love with Swift, Apple's new programming language. Network Radar 2 is my first big Swift project.

Another passion of mine is windsurfing. Gliding over the water with great speed is a meditation-like experience which helps me to clear my mind. I also love traveling and do it as much as possible. In fact many lines of code in my apps have been written in different places around the world. All I need is my laptop and some Internet from time to time. For me traveling means being open to learn new things and meet new people with new or different ideas.

Windsurfing has been a constant challenge to me. It is a long progress to become a good surfer and takes a lot of patience. Many give up before starting to really enjoy it. The same is true for learning how to code well and running your own little business, especially if you do most of the stuff yourself. But I am not afraid of challenges. Every time I accomplish a new move, manage to surf good in tough conditions, seeing the result of nights of work or reading encouraging mails by my customers, it means the world to me.